How To Activate Jio SIM With Simple Method within 2 Hours in 2020- 2021

Activate Jio SIM- If you looking at Jio SIM and want to use data at a cheap price, then it’s likely Jio is your network choice. But buying a Jio SIM is just half the job done. 


Before going to the step by step process of activating your Jio SIM, you need to check whether you got the confirmation message from Jio. You will be getting a message to make tele-verification.

Activating the JIO SIM is a simple process that you can do in the following steps quickly.

Note: You can activate you SIM only if you get the tele-verification message from Jio. And it is mandatory to get verified for enjoying data and calling services.

How to Activate Jio SIM?


When you have received Jio SIM, then you will have to activate it on your mobile phone phone to enjoy all bundles offered at a specific time.

For activation of your SIM card, a user needs to follow these steps one by one as described here.


Activate Jio SIM

  1.  The user is expected to get a confirmation message from Jio asking for the Tele-verification.
  2. In order to activation both the Voice and Data services, the user has to dial 1977 from the Jio number.
  3. The identity of the user can be confirmed by using the last 4 digits of the submitted identity, a Voter ID card, or an Aadhar Card.
  4. For enabling of data, one needs to dial 1800-890-1977 Toll-Free number from any mobile number as mentioned in the user’s Reliance Jio SIM’s form.
  5. Data services will get activated on entering the newly purchased Jio mobile number. On activation, the user would get 2GB of free 4G data, which in time will turn into an Unlimited 4G plan.


How to activate Jio SIM in-


VIVO V3 / Y2IL/ V3Max / Y51L

LAVA X10 / 50/ 81 / 12/ 38 / 28/ 46 / 11 / 17 / 88 / 76 / 72 / A71 / 88 / 89 | V 2 5 s GB | Pixel V2 | Ivory S 4G

ASUS Zenfone 2 3 Laser | GO | Max | ZE | ZC | ZD | ZU | ZS

GIONEE | E8 | P5L | F103 Pro 1/2/3GB | M 4 5 Lite Plus CDMA | S 6 7 s Plus

Jio Sim Activate in INTEX Aqua Mobile 

INTEX Aqua / Ace 2 Mini / 4G Strong 5.1 / Fame 4G / Intex Cloud / String HD / Glory 4G/ Eco 4G + Star / Music / Raza / Secure / Trend / 4G Smart / Crystal 2.5D / Flash / Jewal / String V2.0 / Craze / GenX / Power 4G / S7 / Shine 4G / Turbo 4G / Wing

SONY Xperia X A Ultra | X (F5122) / Z 5 Premium

Samsung Galaxy | C 4 5 7 | Alpah Prime Grand |Note 4 5 6  Duos | A7 A5 A8 VE A9 Pro | Note 4 5 7 Duos | J1 J2 J3 J5 J7 J Max | ON 5 6 7 Pro | S 5 6 7 Edge Neo Plus

LYF EARTH WATER WIND FLAME 1 /2 /3 /4 /5/ 6/ /7 /8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ F1

Activate Jio SIM in HTC Mobile-

HTC Desire 628 / 630 / 820 / 825 / 830 / Q / Eye / 626 / 728 / 628 / Eye / Dual SIM | 10 | X9 / M8Eye / E9+ S / A9 / ME Dual / M9 Plus / Dual SIM


Jio SIM Activate in One Plus-

One / 2 / 3t / two / x


4G | F1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / plus | NEO 7 / 5 / a 3 / 7 | find 5 / 7 / 9 / a

MI Mobile—

Note / 3 / s | Prime | mi4i | mi5 | Note 9 pro etc.

  1. Before anything, 1st of All you need to Download My Jio App from Playstore
  2. My Jio App opens on your Android device and you will see a list of 10 Jio apps.
  3. Now Click on Download All and it will start downloading one by one.

Important Notice: After downloading 10 Jio Apps, close My Jio app and Disconnect Your Mobile Internet 

Again Open the My Jio App and you see the option beside the My Jio app option. Just click Open.

Kindly open the My Jio app, you will be an offer saying Get Jio Sim. Just click on Get Jio Sim button.

That’s it! Now simply Generate Barcode Take a PrintOut and Go to Nearby Store to Take Your New JIO SIM.

How To Decrease The Reliance Jio SIM Activation Time: 

Simply follow the given steps to decrease Reliance Jio SIM Activation Time, In this article, I am giving every possible solution on how to complete activation quickly or in a short time.

There are no alternatives methods are available other than these steps, so let me known in the comments if you failed to decrease the Jio SIM activation time.

  1.  Always prefer e-KYC Activation method available in Major cities only, so by this Jio sim activation procedure you can complete activation in 5-10 mins
  2. Kindly visit the Jio Store at odd hours like early morning or just after the lunch break. Because at that time there will be no much line for Reliance Jio SIM Activation Time status.
  3. Once you received the Jio sim ask them for a tele-verification message
  4. Once your tele-verification is over wait for 2 hours if your sim isn’t activated by that time visit Jio Store and ask them to activate asap.
  5. Make sure everything is perfect from your side like a valid phone number, valid proof, and perfect photographs.


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Jio SIM Activation Problem – Server error 

So if you are trying to activate the Jio sim your device must be compatible with Jio or else you will end up facing Reliance Jio Sim activation problems. Here I am listing few major problems of Jio Sim Activation online—

You won’t get Unlimited voice Calls: 

You won’t Recieve Network Signal:

Unable to use Jio sim in other Mobiles:

My Phone is LTE how to get VoLTE support

There will be only 2GB internet Data not unlimited:

My Phone is LTE how to get VoLTE support:

There will be only 2GB internet Data not unlimited:

Try submitting proper documents or else you will end up waiting months for activation.

Your all details must be valid before submitting the Jio sim for verification.

There are Few major problems Jio SIM Activation problems, all solutions are available in our blog.

But in case if you faced any other reliance Jio activation problems, feel free to ask me in the comments I will surely help you out.


How to Avoid Reliance Jio SIM Activation Problems 

JIo SIM activation problems

The above-mentioned are the most common and most faced Reliance Jio SIM activation problems, so to avoid those problems follow the steps below…..

So to avoid those problems follow the steps below. If you can follow the exact steps you won’t face any problems while activation Jio Sim.

  • If you got the JIO Sim you need to visit  Jio store for Document Verification.
  • Once that is over-activate Jio Sim
  • After this, you need to place Jio sim in VoLTE enabled and supported Device
  • Once you place the SIM you can enjoy unlimited internet and unlimited voice calls without any trouble.
  • People are placing the Jio sim in normal LTE phones or non-Jio supported devices and facing the above problems.


What is the Reliance Jio Sim Activation Number or Customer Care Number 

For any queries, you can call on 1800 -890- 1977. Which is also for users for activation purposes, or you can call 1977 for only data services. 


Reliance Jio SIM Activation Number is not working

I got some complaints like 1977 is not working, or Reliance Jio SIM Activation number 1800-890-1977 is not working, you can follow these steps to avoid these problems.

  • I recommend you kindly wait for the tele-verification message, then only contact the Jio customer care number
  • You must contact Jio customer care from the registered mobile number.
  • you have to place the jio sim in VoLTE enabled slot which will give you unlimited voice calls
  • You need to keep the MyJio and Jio4G Voice Applications, without them you cant enjoy all Jio features.


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