Jio Glass Pros and Cons. Check Everything Here.

Jio Glass Pros and Cons-Jio glass technology is a device through which you would be able to experience a virtual reality which means you do not need to be available physically in the meetings, classes, and conferences still you feel like you are present in the meetings through jio glass technology.


Jio Glass Pros and Cons

It would be having good use during COVID pandemics since people might have been fearing to do something which may need their physical presence. It would be effective for people to feel the real experience it may be anything relevant to digitalization like online classes, online meetings, conferences, etc.

Jio Glass Price-

Jio has not revealed the price of this device, only they have announced the features of the product.

the most important thing that they have revealed during the AGM meeting is that this device specifically connects to those devices only which has compatible sensors in itself. definitely it will work with 4g and 5g mobile devices which they are going to launch very soon. It is their strategy to expand its business in digitalization.

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Jio Glass Pros and Cons-

Here are we are collect the JioGlass pros and Cons from the launch date of JioGlass in India. We are trying to tell you what is a good thing and bad thing are in Jio Glass. Please read full article –

Pros of Jio Glass-

  • Supports mixed reality ( augmented reality/ virtual reality) and it will greatly benefit the education industry in India.
  • It would mostly be a low-cost solution
  • Supports a comprehensive suite of 25 apps ( exact list is not published yet however, we can expect apps like Jio Meet, Jio TV and Jio Cinema to be supported)


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Cons of Jio Glass-

  • you  would bot able to wear the device for too long, as it may cause strain on your eyes
  • It is not clear how much battery power would the device has. With just 75 gms weight, I’m doubtful if it can have long-lasting battery power.
  • You would still need a mobile phone, as the Jio Glass pairs up with a mobile phone to work.


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